German Wine Princess

 Christina Specht

 A world traveler from a wine-growing family in the Middle Rhine region will open the German Wine Society 25th Anniversary Celebration.

 The currently reigning German Wine Princess, Christina Specht, will bring the greetings of the German Wine Industry to the opening reception of the German Wine Society’s Gala 25th Anniversary Celebration.  The reception will be held on May 17, from 6:30-9:00 PM at the German Embassy House, 1900 Foxhall Road, NW , Washington , DC .

 Christina Specht was born in October 1977 in Koblenz and grew up in the Hunsrück region between the two wine growing regions Mosel and Middle Rhine. Her mother’s family inherited a wine estate in Poltersdorf ( Mosel region).  Her mother was German Wine Princess herself when she was Christina’s age and works today as manager for the wine promotion board of the Middle Rhine region.

The Princess grew up with everything dealing with wine from an early age on. After finishing high school in Boppard, a famous wine-producing town in the Middle Rhine region, she proceeded to study English, biology, and sports at the University of Heidelberg in 1996. In 1998/1999 she spent a year studying English and marine biology at the University of Wales , Aberystwyth in Great Britain .  She then returned to Heidelberg to finish her studies to prepare for a career in education.

In 2000 she applied for the position as the Middle RhineWine Queen and then spent most of the year 2001 travelling around the Middle Rhine region and all over Germany to promote wines from that region and to represent the growers at different events. At the end of 2001 she was selected from thirteen candidates from all wine-growing regions to become the German Wine Princess. Whenever time permits, she travels the world as German Wine Princess.

Presently the Princess is finishing her final thesis on the genetic differences between Burgundy-style grape varieties. 

In her leisure time she enjoys relaxing with a self-prepared meal and a good glass of wine in the company of friends, reading, and participating in sports, especially jazz and modern dance.