25th Anniversary Celebration
May 17–19, 2002, Washington, DC
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Left to right

First Row:  1.  GWS National Treasurer Hanne Caraher with Christina Specht  2. Vincente Pena and Paula Stuckart from Connecticut, with David Axler from Philadelphia in the hat; the nose sticking out of the right is your webmaster, Mark Squires.

Second Row: 1. On the right, more of the Philadelphia/South Jersey contingent: Deb and Alan Denis, front right; back row, Joe Huber; the couple to the left were unidentified.  2.  Winemaker Florian Weingart again, this time with board member Ken Kelly

Third Row (bottom):   1.  Atlanta Chapter President Don Reddicks with unidentified woman.  2.  Terry Theise with DC Chapter members Marilyn Scarbrough (left) and Stephen Kent. The woman on the right was unidentified.

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